Custom School Supply Kits: Helping You Save Time & Money

School Supply Kits

A recent study from suggests that 52 percent of parents find that back to school shopping is stressful. Having kits ready to go for each student based on their needs can reduce back-to-school year jitters.

In addition to your students’ potential anxiety about starting a new school year, you may also worry about them not having the proper supplies they need to start on the right track. Did you know that you could have a customized school supply kit created for your students based on the district curriculum? We outline why you consider purchasing a kit and explain which essentials supplies are included. 

What are the benefits?


Your school supply kits can also serve as a fundraiser catalyst for your school. Work with your PTA or PTO on creating a fundraiser to support events throughout the school year.

What School Supplies Are Usually Included?

Usually, most school supply kits will feature the following:

Completely Customized

School Supplies

When you order a student supply kit from Shane’s, it is tailored to your students grade level, specified by their school. All of the items included in the kit are based on your input and include the most important materials for your class. We will consult with your school or district’s curriculum when we create your kit to ensure that the essentials are included. Each kit can also include the student’s school, name, and grade. This is a great way to ensure that each student is prepared for the first week of classes. 

Interested in having a School Supply Kit for your teachers or classroom?

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